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line Boutin (Gatineau) Mercredi, Août 13, 2014 :

Some of my readers know that I love to make reviews on spas (I am always honest and never get paid to do my reviews). My latest Spa was: Thalassa Concept Europe Santé, in Jonquière Qc. The spa is owned by Sonia Gauthier; she does have more than 14 years’ experience, and proudly says that her spa was the first one to introduce the real Hammam spa in the province of Quebec. She studied and still does to keep ups with this fast growing industry, in Europe, United States, etc. Several ideas and concept (Hi-technology sophisticated machines and techniques) she is using comes from Europe. \r\nMy appointment was on April 25th, I was first greeted by the receptionist. She showed me around and introduced me to my RMT and an assistant (Young lady in training). I had a chance to visit the facilities , I was right away charmed by the decors ( you really feels like you just landed in Moro cco) , the music, the paintings, the cushions , the curtains, the vines (and a little waiting room that resembles the Alibaba’s cave. The atmosphere is simply magical. You can’t help it, you just have to sit back and relax. It was my lucky day, because just before I got to start my appointment (Hammam session, and oriental ceremony), I got to meet the owner in person, she explained all about how she started, her technologies, etc. I was so impressed that I decided to book for a body remodelling session “REMODELAGE CORPOREL” using the Lumicell Wave 6 technology (new and from Europe). \r\nThe Hammam session, was real nice, usually in steam bath I can’t breathe, but this one is not dry steam, it’s humid, you can feel a little mist on you. So it’s really hot, but you can still breathe easily. You have to combine a cold shower and the heath, just like other steam bath. After that, I was starting my Orient ceremony Massage, scrub package. It sure feels good, and the smell of the ingredien ts they used, it’s simply divine (a mix of Ginger, Eucalyptus, etc.) makes you feel alive. \r\nAfter all that relaxation and olfactory stimulation , I went back to the waiting room, with all the cushions, where I received a Moroccan mint tea and some almonds (I was on clound-9) , I stayed there for about 10 -15 minutes and then it was time for the Body remodelling … usually they meet you on a first appointment to assess your needs, (global evaluation), they will make a complete health background (no needs to do some blood test), a questionnaire, measurements and some pictures. Then they will do some suggestions (if you need remodelling, diet, exercise program, or other technique’s that they are offering). They are building a personal program for each individual, and when you are progressing, more evaluations and pictures will be done, so you can have a real idea of your progression. Since I was just visiting the area I was able to skip that procedure. My session was an hour long, and I found it to be effective, after just one session, I felt like my abdomen was firmer. \r\nIf you think that was it, think again, I noticed that they have tanning machines on site, so I decided to try them out before I go. A little 10 minutes should be enough to give me an idea. I had no protection lotion with me, so I decided to get a sample packet that they were selling. I was suggested that only one would do my whole body (the receptionist doesn’t do tanning so she had no idea about the packet, she simply suggest what she had eared for other customers). Guess the packet size will not work for me…. I started applying the lotion (I covered my face and my chest and that was it). Since I am really dark skin naturally I decided to try it anyway (stand-up machine). I pressed the button and it started to burn right away, I stayed 2-3 minutes max. The receptionist was surprise to see me out that fast. I told her, not to mention again, the one packet should be enough, because it’s n ot true (I would have needed 3 to cover my full body). Next time I am visiting, I will bring my own bottle. \r\nSo, will I recommend this spa, yes most definitely! They have a wheelchair access, they are bilingual, and they are open-minded and respectful of the individual diversity of their clients. \r\n \r\nThank you Sonia and all your staff, it was a wonderful experience, I will certainly go again! \r\n

Vicky Myre (saint Hubert) Mercredi, Octobre 03, 2013 :

Je viens de recevoir un massage phénoménal de la part de Karine... vraiment on sent que la passion, la compétence font partie de vos valeurs! Merci pour cette belle expérience; du hammam en passant par le thé et pour finir avec le massage. Merci!!!

Jean Pierre M. (Beauport) Mercredi, Mars 20, 2011 :

De passage au Saguenay j'ai découvert un coin de paradis ....relaxation et professionalisme ...continuez...merci à mélanie pour son massage qui m a remis d'equerre....

Anne Marie B. (Montréal) Mercredi, Mars 18, 2011 :


Je viens tous les mois au Saguenay et j'en profite pour mes soins visages au laser au centre Thalassa , Prix et qualité des soins merci à Sonia pour son expertise ...à bientot Anne Marie.

Christianne.G (Chicoutimi) Mercredi, Mars 14, 2011 :

Merci à Sonia  et Joanie pour leurs compétences, Les résultats promis avec le IPL-RF sont au rendez vous j'ai fait peau neuve ....

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